Sunday, August 19, 2012


If you have been paying any attention to my blog, and to the would of music and Star Wars, you probably know that yesterday, 18th August, was John Williams' 80th birthday. And you might also know that I went to Tanglewood for the Celebration. Actually, I went to the rehearsal, so it wasn't the same. John Williams was banned from attending the rehearsal, because it was supposed to be a surprise. The special guests were also not present at the rehearsal :( but I looked it up so I could tell you what happened.
Special Guests:
-Steven Spielberg
-Seiji Ozawa
-President Obama (on video)
-Clinton (former US president)
-Boston Red Sox members
-Jesse Norman
-Yo-Yo Ma

But even though I didn't go to the actual performance, I had a great time. And I wore my Star Wars shirt!
Songs played (Not in order):
-Star Wars Main Theme (With video)
-Fanfare for Fenway (With video)
-Air and Simple Gifts
-Olympic Fanfare
-You've got a Friend
-Happy Birthday
(And others I can't remember)
But they didn't play The Raider's March :(

Here are my pictures:

Other pictures:
Jessye Norman, John Williams, Steven Spielberg, Yo-Yo Ma, Keith Lockhart, James Taylor (Hilary Scott).jpg  

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