Saturday, August 11, 2012

Henceforth, I shall be known as . . .

Padmé Arya Éowyn Istalrí Skywalker.

Don't worry, Need2read hasn't left, I'm still here. I just change my name. It's long, I know, but I really like it. Each of the names mean something to me. Here is the explaination:



"I will not condone a course of action that will lead us to war."

Padmé is strong, brave and beautiful. She's not afraid to speak her mind and stand up for what is right. She's probably my favourite character from the Star Wars saga.


"To late. It's hatched. ... Poor Durza, how will he tell the king? You failed."

Arya is the Elf princess from Eragon. But she's not just a princess, she also a warrior. And she's not afraid, even in the face of torture and death. **SPOILER**And in the last book of the Inheritance cycle, she becomes a Rider.



"I fear neither death nor pain. ... [I fear]A cage. To stay behind bars until use and old age; accept them and all chance of valor has gone beyond recall or desire."
Éowyn is a noblewoman, but she refuses to sit around and do nothing when she can help. When left behind, she dresses as a man and joins the quest anyway. In the end, she ends up destroying the Witch King, whom no one else could defeat.

    On day at lunch, my friends were matching everyone in the circle with Lord of the Rings characters. They matched me with Éowyn. At the time, I had no idea who she was, but now I do. If this is who my friends see me as, then I am honoured.


"Istalrí" means fire in the Ancient Language of the Inheritance series by Christopher Paolini.
Istalrí is also the name of my baby dragon.

Fire reminds me of Katniss, Girl on Fire, from The Hunger Games.
"I volunteer! No! I volunteer! I volunteer as tribute!"

Katniss puts her family before herself. She risks discovery and punishment when she hunts illegally to keep her mother and sister from starving. When her sister is chosen for The Games, Katniss volunteers to take Prim's place, saving her sister from certain death.



"I'm a Jedi."

As a young boy, Anakin Skywalker took the fate of strangers into his own hands and risked his life in a dangerous race to help them. One of those strangers was a Jedi, who identified Anakin as The Chosen One.
As a result, he became a Jedi himself.
He gave up his normal way of life to serve the Jedi order and help beings in the galaxy.
During his time as a Jedi, he struggled to follow the Code. In conflict, he fell to the Dark Side.
But years later, he was redeemed by his son when he realized that love is stronger than all the powers of darkness.

So, that's my new name. I really like it, and I hope you do, too. Let me know what you think!


  1. i love it. so orginal and neat. love it. :)

  2. Oh yeah you chose a great name, even if it's long :D I love all those characters, especially Padme. I really like Katniss until the last book came along and the girl on fire kind of... fades for me.

  3. I really like your new name:)