Wednesday, July 25, 2012

What's Missing

Star Wars has EVERYTHING . . .







(Almost) Murder Mysteries


Hair Styles











Great Quotes

Amazing Music


Inspired Artists


501st Legion

Even books, videogames, boardgames, toys, clothes, puzzles, jewelry, home decor, and more.

And I almost forgot, the best part:
SWORDFIGHTING!! (well, lightsaber fighting, but still.)

Even chopsticks!!!!!!!!!
 I must have these!!

But where's the archery??



Actually, the Nightsisters in the Clone Wars apparently had bows, but there is none in the movies.



  1. i love this post. u got it all right on. awesomeness is u!!!! :)

  2. Yes Star Wars has everything! :) There are murder mysteries too, actually. Not almost. Darsha Assant, for example. No one knew what happened to her, when actually Maul killed her. There's many more :)
    I'm a big fan of archery and that's why I like Legolas (you didn't include him! :P) and yeah if you didn't put the nightsisters there I would have mentioned it. :) It has everything, maybe not enough archery, but still it has everything :D

    1. Ha. Actually, I didn't foget him. I had him on there and then a little while after I posted this, one of the pics disappeared. I couldn't figure out which one itt was, so I couldn't replace it. I realized last night in bed that it was Legolas. I'll fix it right now. :)

  3. Oh I see Legolas in there, thanks ^_^ For your question, there is pretty much no one with an X in the movies, but there's Xanatos in the EU. For I, there's the droid IG-88 from The empire strikes back.

    1. OK, thanks. I knew about IG-88, but I was hoping there would be someone else. I guess I'll have to use him. And I kind of also knew there was no X, so I had planned on using Xanatos, but I wanted to see if you knew of anyone, 'cause he's not in the movies.

    2. Yeah there's no one else :(
      Thanks for your comments on my blog! ^_^ And you're not allowed to read harry potter?! Is it the magic? It's like the best non star wars book ever! :) I want Legolas's bow too.. it's on sale on the internet but I don't have money :(
      I'm not really embarassed, I feel like a boss even when people look at me weird xD I actually want to do my hair like Legolas too, but then I don't like my hair long. And yes, I keep a padawan braid behind my ear for a long time now :)

    3. I always wear a Padawan braid, too. I assume it is much longer than yours, though-about as long as Obi-Wan's in TPM.

    4. Mines is about that long :)
      I am pretty blank when it comes to ideas, but maybe you should try speaking a couple of sentences to your mom. Harry Potter grabbed me from the first sentence, and it should grab her too :)