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Eragon = Star Wars??

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A New Hope= Eragon-Slightly whiny farm boy (Eragon and Luke) lives with his Uncle (and aunt in Luke's case.)
-He leaves home with some seemingly crazy (or really is crazy, depending on how you would like to look at it) old man (Brom and Obi-Wan.)
-Luke/Eragon continues his journey with a stranger (Han/Murtagh) and the two rescue a beautiful elven girl (or princess) named Arya/Leia.

Empire Strikes Back= Eldest
-Eragon/Luke goes to an elven city/Dogobah to train to become a Rider/Jedi under Oromis/Yoda, the only other Rider/Jedi left.
-Eragon/Luke sees visions of impending doom through a scrying glass (Force Vision)
-Eragon/Luke then takes it upon himself to go save the world and not complete his training like a total idiot.
-*ANOTHER MAJOR PLOT POINT SPOILER* Eragon/Luke finds out that Morzan(A bad guy who basically had the same job Vader had)/Vader is their father. But we find out in the third book, Brisingr that Brom is really Eragon's father and that is where a difference between SW and Eragon occurs. xD 

Here ends the post. The following thoughts are mine.


Things that I noticed after reading this post:   MAY CONTAIN SPOILERS

In A New Hope/Eragon:

-Luke/Eragon lives with his Uncle (and Aunt in SW) because he is being hidden from his father.

-The princess (Leia/Arya) is trying to hide something from the empire/king and the droids/dragon egg ends up with Luke/Eragon.

-Luke/Eragon leaves home because of what he found (droids/dragon) and when he return, agents of the empire have killed his family. Luke finds his house burned, Eragon leaves his house burned (at least in the movie)

In Return of the Jedi/Brisingr

-Luke/Eragon returns to complete his training. Soon, the mentor (Yoda/Oromis) dies, leaving Luke Eragon as the last of his kind (except for Vader & the Emperor/Murtagh & the king, who use the powers for evil).

In Return of the Jedi/Inheritance

-Luke/Eragon is taken to the Emperor/king and forced to fight Vader/Murtagh in front of the "throne."

-Luke/Eragon is able to convince Vader/Murtagh to turn from evil and help him defeat the emperor/king.

In Expanded Universe/The Inheritance Cycle

-Luke/Eragon is faced with the task of training new Jedi/Dragon Riders.

-Arya becomes a Rider and will probably marry Eragon later. Mara Jade becomes a Jedi and marries Luke.

-Xanatos kinda reminds me of Murtagh. (I would say it the other way around, but I knew Eragon before SW)

Selena, Eragon's mother, was known as The Black Hand. She served Morzan and King Galbatorix. Mara Jade was known as the Emperor's Hand before she married Luke in the EU.

So, yes, Star Wars and Eragon are very similar. But it does not make me hate Eragon. I love them both. The details of Eragon are much different than Star Wars, anyway. (Where are the dragons and elves in SW?)

Brom is Ben Kenobi 
l  Pictures from here.
Murtaugh is Han Solo

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