Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Hep me! Hep me!

In the fall, I will be going to an audition for a musical, and I need a song to sing. The last to years I did A Whole New World from Disney's Aladdin, but I think I need something new.
The director usually wants something from a Broadway show, but I think if it is good enough, she'll take anything.
I wanted to do something from Mulan, but I think the range is too low.
Maybe I can to In Dreams or May It Be.
I would appreciate some suggestions. I'll let you all know what I choose sometime in August.
Thank you.


  1. Hey, I didn't even see you put in dreams there, but when I saw "Hep me" (lol) in the title and audition for a musical, I immediately thought of In Dreams. There's a Star Wars song but it's kinda foolish and I don't want you to make fun of urself. Being a LOTR semi-fan (I wish it could be full, but haven't finished reading the books) I greatly recommend In dreams. If that's too high for you then In Western Lands is good. Mulan's songs are good too but I don't find it that appealing.

    It depends on the tone of your voice. If you're a boy (I still have no idea what gender you are), try In Western Lands. Or Rue's Lullaby from the Hunger Games. If your a girl (try to make ur voice high) try IN dreams, rue's lullaby would work, The Call from Narnia (I LOVE that), or maybe a Taylor Swift song.

    My suggestions:
    In dreams
    Rue's Lullaby
    The call
    Taylor Swift's songs (Sparks fly seems good)
    In Western lands

    Hope this helped!

    1. Oh, **blush**. I'm a girl. Sorry I haven't made that clear :) What Star Wars song do you mean? I immediately thought Star Wars when I had to sing something, but I didn't think there were any to sing. I haven't seen LOTR yet because my friends (**cough*cough**) are taking and REALLY long time planning the marathon, but I just got the CDs from the library, and I LOVE the music. At first I thought In Dreams was too high, but I think it is fine now that I have practiced it a bit. I do like The Call from Narnia, and I will check out Rue's Lullaby. I haven't seen The Hunger Games yet, but I loved the books. Thank you.

    2. Oh okay :) Girl. :)
      Star Wars song:
      But I mean seriously it's not the kind of song you wanna sing in an audition :P
      I thought IN dreams was too high for me at first, but I practiced alot. I was planning to do a LOTR and Star Wars (and maybe Pirates of the Carribean and Titanic) soundtrack piano medley for talent show next year. I love the books too, and the movie is also awesome.
      You're welcome.