Friday, August 24, 2012

Happy Birthday, Ray Park!

According to the Official Star Wars Blog, today is Ray Park's birthday. I did not klnow this, so hopefully it's correct, and I'm not posting this on the wrong day.

Darth Maul is my favourite Star Wars villian. Maybe even my all-time favourite villian. (Don't tell my dad, or it'll be endless teasing for me...)

And special videos:


  1. happy b-day, ray. he is such an awesome person to watch him work. he has so much talent. he's so awesome. :)

  2. What's happened to Vader? lol :P Happy birthday :)

  3. Happy Birthday Ray Park! He was awesome as Darth Maul, I wish he voice himself in The Clone Wars. Have you seen the trailer for new Star Wars TV series Star Wars Detours?