Tuesday, October 30, 2012

New Future for Star Wars

Disney has bought Lucasfilm and they are planning for Episode VII to come out in 2015.

So, fans...your prayers for a new Star Wars movie have been answered. But is this what we wanted??

I don't think anyone knows what it will be called or what the story line is (if you know, please tell!).
I'm not quite sure whether to be happy or scared. I mean MORE STAR WARS!! Yay! But seriously? Disney might really mess this up. George Lucas didn't plan on anymore movies-mostly because the Saga was the story of Anakin-his training, his fall, and his redemption. After he dies in Episode VI, his story is over. (I know that sounds terrible, but you guys know what I mean) The logical way for them to go would be with the New Jedi Order, I guess, but you never know...

Actually, right now I'm in a bit of a shock..I thought that maybe people thought that it was April or something. Or maybe they were pulling an early Halloween prank. But it's everywhere, so it's probably no joke...I just really hope they don't ruin it.

And while they are at it, I think they should make Jedi Apprentice series into a movie(s) and also the Force Unleashed...

So...what do you guys think of this? What do you hope to see, now that the future of Star Wars has changed and more movies are on the horizon? Please fell free to discuss this...

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  1. I agree, I don't know what to think either.
    I'd also love to see Jedi Apprentice be made into movies or a TV series. That would be so awesome! :D

  2. I have some serious doubts about this. I am REALLY angry at George Lucas for literally throwing Star Wars down the garbage chute. I mean we all know what Disney does to movies? Pixar and such. It just doesn't turn out well.
    I wish they would just stick to the six episodes and not do anything more. It will spoil the whole Star Wars Saga!

  3. Considering that Disney made The Avengers one of the best movies of all-time, I think they can be the same with Star Wars. I'm hoping for movies based on the Thrawn trilogy. I still cannot believe it is happening, now just three more years! :D


  4. I'm looking forward to seeing what happens. I have a big hunch it will probably be the Thrawn Trilogy, which I know next to nothing about, but whatever. What I WOULD like is to see some of the Clone Wars characters brought to the live-action big screen (but of *course* that's what I would want XD)
    But, good grief, just over two years and more Star Wars?! JKDLGJIOPAQJIGNDA!!!

  5. I'm kinda iffy on what to think, I'll have to wait to see how it turns out. They better not mess it up! And it would be AWESOME and I've been wshing for a Jedi Aprrentice, Jedi Quest or the Force Unleashed, ect movies and such!! And I have the same thoughts as James about the Avengers thing and Hellen on George Lucas.